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Hey, I’m Wes!

Learn More about Me and My Vision for Helping Businesses Grow

Vision For Giving Back

My wife, Haley, and I started West Meadow Marketing back in 2017 from a place of wanting to give back and help others.


I worked as a full-time youth minister for about 6 years before stepping back and returning to the business world.  My desire to help hasn’t diminished as I still volunteer with the youth group at our church but also work with businesses to help them grow and help others around them.

Our Family

We have two kids and work very hard to promote love and kindness within ourselves and our kids.

We chose to homeschool them and they are very involved with local groups and activities as well as local community theater and dance to learn the importance of determination and working with a team.

Our vision is that the business helps support the family and the family helps to support the business. 

Theater and Performing Arts

I was in my first community theater play in 2004 and enjoyed it so much that I haven’t stopped yet!

I love the sense of community that is created between the actors, directors, and technical crew to create a fleeting piece of art for an audience to enjoy.

I have been involved in acting, assistant directing, stage combat choreography, dance, sound design, and lighting design.

The connections that I’ve made are some of the best friends that I have and I’ll continue being involved as long as I’m able.

Finding Adventures in Life

I strongly believe that you’re as old as you act or feel.  I make an effort to spend time my time doing things that keep excitement in life and make a difference for other people.

We love taking trips as a family and experiencing new places and people while making memories as a family.  We’re only given so much time together and I want to make sure that we’re making the most of it to raise great kids and good people.

I am always searching for people to work with who share these same values and are looking for more from their lives.

These connections have forged some amazing friendships and connections with some of my clients and partners that have changed my life in very real and positive ways.

Just a Perfect Place to Get Started!

What makes West Meadow Marketing different?

We have the feel of a small company with personal client relationships which ensure that they receive exactly what they’re looking for.

We utilize resources to accomplish larger tasks in a timely manner.

We give you customized solutions that work both short and long term to ensure business growth and maximize profit.


West Meadow Marketing was able to identify where I needed more attention to my online presence. After a couple of quick tips, I started seeing results. I am now collecting reviews and managing long term strategy through our custom marketing plan.

Emily Braveheart Customer


Very professional. Their team did a great job of identifying the key places for our business to focus on, and as a result, we have seen a rapid increase of customer acquisition. Highly recommended!!

Zen FX Customer


5 stars plus some - such a great experience! I came to West Meadow Marketing with a general idea and a vague description of what I needed, but I came away with a finished product far beyond what I had imagined. Wesley Peden asked questions about not only my product needs and possible uses, but the underlying foundation as well, and crafted an awesome logo for our church ministry. I can't recommend West Meadow Marketing highly enough!

Robin Frazier Customer


Some people can do technical stuff and some people can't! Since I'm one that Can't I went to Wesley for help and he really came through for me. He really knows his stuff and got me set up to promote my business. I recommend him whole heartedly! "10 out of 10"! Thanks Wesley.

Steve Gardner ATA Home Inspections


West Meadow marketing is very knowledgeable and very professional company to work with. They really help do you understand how marketing works and how to use it in your business.

Heather Streible Replica Screenprinting


Wesley does a great job. If your looking to bring exposure and customers to your business give West Meadow a call.

Thomas Dodson Classic Clean Company


Wesley really knows his stuff and will customize his services to target your clientele. Great guy to work with!

Drew Thompson Lockshield Accounting Services


Wesley is great to work with. Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!

Joe Myers Kentucky Farm Bureau